Garbage Collection

"Tailored to your business's needs." We understand your business may require specialized waste needs. Seagull offers cost effective solutions- from the right container size to a balanced pick up schedule to optimize your waste flow. Serving businesses in Worcester and Wicomico counties from retail, restaurant, multi-family and industrial businesses.

Seagull will tailor your service based on your business. Tired of contracts that lock you in and auto renew? Outrageous delivery and environmental fees? As "The People's Trash Company" we strive to provide up-front and reliable service.


Weekly Garbage Collection

Our 2, 4, and 6 yard rear load containers give you options to all your waste needs, not to mention these containers are lower to the ground, meaning easier accessibility! We provide a custom-tailored service schedule to best suit your business's needs. Typically, these are provided either Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or On Call. Contact our sales team to schedule a complimentary, no strings attached, waste audit. We will review your waste output and determine the right container and service schedule for your business.
2 Yard Container
Great for smaller apartment/office buildings with 10-15 occupants
4 Yard Container
Ideal for mid-sized restaurants or retail stores with approximately 20-30 employees
6 Yard Container
Best for larger restaurants, apartment complexes, medical offices, and warehouses with 50+ employees.

Garbage Collection Service Reminder

Do not overfill the dumpsters! All material should fit inside the containers so that the lids will fully close. This ensures the safety of our environmental technicians and our equipment. If there is extra material beside the container, the customer will need to refill the container to be pickup up. Additional charges may apply.
Do not place building materials such as lumber, concrete, or brick in containers as these materials destroy our trucks and equipment. Charges may be assessed if these materials are placed in our commercial containers.
All Hazardous Materials are prohibited per state and county code. Items that qualify as hazmat include, but are not limited to; paints, batteries, chemicals, solvents, corrosives, fuels/lubricants, explosives, medical waste, and radioactive materials. Large appliances are also not permitted as they contain hazardous materials. Please call our office for details, we can help!
Ashes are never permitted in trash containers. They will not only cause damage to your container but could possibly catch the trucks entire load of garbage on fire. Putting not only the equipment in danger, but also our environmental technicians. Safety is paramount in everything we do at Seagull Disposal.
Per state and county codes, yard waste is not permitted in your trash container. Seagull Disposal offers a yard waste pickup service if needed. Please call for details.
Please do not attempt use equipment to move or push material up against the container. The customer will be held liable to any damage that occurs due to these acts.
If your dumpster is blocked by an obstruction, or the service area is secured, the driver cannot wait too long as it delays the completion of the route. We will make every attempt to contact you before the driver leaves. A minimal fee may apply to schedule an additional pickup.
Our environmental technicians (garbage men) are skilled professionals. However, if you reside on a non-county-maintained road, it is imperative you keep the road safe and passable. The driver will determine if the service can be performed safely.
Please review our holiday and inclement weather schedule to stay up to date on changes to your service. Holiday Schedule
Seagull will make every effort to assist our customers stay current with their payments. However, should your account become delinquent net 30 days, a 10% late charge will be assessed and a "Stop Service" issued. Net 60 days we will be required to retrieve our container and all related processing and late fees will be applied to your account. Should Seagull be unable to retrieve our container, a replacement fee will be assessed. To reactive your account, you must pay all outstanding balances and fees.