Commercial Trash Removal Services Tailored To Your Needs

As “The People’s Trash Company” we strive to provide up-front and reliable service to businesses on the eastern shore.

This means a single price invoice with NO ENVIRONMENTAL FEES and NO FUEL SURCHARGES!

We recognize that every business has unique disposal needs, and we’ll design a cost-effective program specifically for you. Our commercial department has the container size and service to fit your business. 

Give us a call, or email our sales team at [email protected] to schedule a meeting. This is a complimentary visit with no strings attached.

Weekly Garbage Container

Our 2, 4, 6, and 8 yard rear load containers give you options to all your waste needs, not to mention these containers are lower to the ground, meaning easier accessibility! We provide a custom-tailored service schedule to best suit your business’s needs. Typically, these are provided either Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or On Call. Contact our sales team to schedule a complimentary, no strings attached, waste audit. We will review your waste output and determine the right container and service schedule for your business.

  • 2 Yard Container
    • Great for churches, banks, retail, or other small-scale businesses. These containers hold around 24 regular sized trash bags.
  • 4 Yard Container
    • Ideal for mid-sized businesses such as restaurants, health care offices, or retail stores. These containers hold around 48 regular sized trash bags.
  • 6 Yard Container
    • Best for larger business such as restaurants, apartment complexes, and warehouses with 50+ employees. These containers hold around 72 regular sized trash bags.
  • 8 Yard Container
    • Perfect for very large businesses such as warehouses, distribution centers, or factories. These containers hold around 96 regular sized trash bags.

Compactor Services

Coming Soon!
Is your business interested in a better way to manage its waste? Seagull Disposal is excited to bring our upfront and transparent businesses practices into this extremely important part of the waste industry. Trash compactors can make your waste removal more efficient and cost effective by reducing pickup frequency. For updates on this service, please contact our office at 443-880-0809 or email our sales team at
[email protected]

Need On Demand Commercial Services?

Your business may require on demand services. Learn more about our roll-off services where you can quickly schedule a dumpster for your organization’s next project. From commercial office cleanings to construction, renovations, and building demolitions, we have the right size container for your needs!

Why Choose Us?


Personalized Service

We serve businesses in a wide range of industries that all have different waste management needs. We’ll work with you to find the best disposal solution.

Container Sizes That Your Business Needs

We have a variety of containers to choose from that come with a balanced pick up schedule to optimize your waste flow.


No fuel surcharges, environmental fees, or unnecessary price increases. Just a fair flat rate!

Professional & Trustworthy

You can count on us to provide transparent and reliable service each and every day. We are “The People’s Trash Company!”

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