Your Neighborhood Deserves The Best

Seagull Disposal is working with communities on the Eastern Shore to provide reliable and transparent waste disposal solutions for their residents.

No matter how big or small your municipality is, Seagull Disposal is able to deliver first-rate curbside trash removal service for your residents. As the “People’s Trash Company,” we were founded on superior customer service and we’re devoted to providing efficient and effective disposal solutions for every community. Additionally, while other waste disposal companies often leave waste behind, we’re dedicated to keeping your neighborhood clean.

Collection Services To Fit Your Needs

We currently provide the following curbside waste collection services for municipalities:

Residential Services

Seagull Disposal offers unparalleled, reliable residential curbside collection services. Our customer service, transparency, and competitive prices make us an easy choice.

Bulk Items

Need to throw out old furniture, office items, or a large amount of refuse? Bulk pickup offers our customers the advantage of disposing larger household items curbside.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Events, renovations, or clean out can generate an abundance of waste. Quick and easy removal can be achieved through our roll-off dumpsters. We have various dumpster sizes to fit any project.


Seagull Disposal Is Here For Your Community

Unlike other waste disposal companies, we’re dedicated to working with the community. We value building relationships with our customers and finding new ways to serve our area beyond our standard service offerings.