Have a question that’s probably been asked before? Check out our frequently asked questions below to find a quick and easy answer. If your question hasn’t been asked yet, feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I receive a quote online?
Yes, fill out a quick and easy form in the Contacts page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What do I do if I’m unable to bring my cart to the curb – can you assist?
At Seagull we understand the diverse needs of our community. We offer a valet service to help individuals who may not be able to transport their cart to and from the curb. Call us to discuss details, discounted rates may apply for certain HOA’s and communities.

Do you offer recycling?
Currently we do not. However, we look forward to offering it in the future. Please call our office 443-880-0809 or check our website for updates.

Does Seagull Disposal offer services to HOA’s?
Yes, please contact our sales team. We would be happy to meet with your HOA committee or property management team to discuss our outstanding rates and services.

What are my payment options?
You may pay using the following methods: mail in a check, payment through your banks bill pay, online using our website (fee may apply) or over the phone with a representative (fee may apply). We also offer automatic payments using a debit/credit card or checking/savings account.

When is my bill due?
Your bill is due upon receipt. Net 30 days overdue payments, a 15% or $15 minimum late charge will be assessed and a “Stop Service” issued. If your account is 60+ days past due, you must contact the office to process a payment. Please call should you need assistance. We understand and are here to help!

How does online billing work?
Simply click on the account tab and follow the prompts.

How do you bill or invoice?
Residential and commercial customers are billed on a 28 day billing cycle that can be paid monthly or annually.

When will my trash be picked up?
Your pickup day for residential is based on location. It is best to place your residential cart out the night before. Pickup can be as early as 5:00 AM in many locations.

Will I be notified of a change in my pickup?
Yes, typically at least 24 to 48 hours in advance based on emergency weather issues. Notifications will be sent via voicemail, texts or updates on our website.

What is your holiday schedule?
Seagull is only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Good Friday and Memorial Day. Please refer to the Schedule page. Should your pick up fall on these dates, you will be notified accordingly.

How do I schedule for a commercial dumpster, or roll-off dumpster?
Please contact our office for specific pickup schedules and times. All services vary.

What other services do you offer?
Seagull offers a valet service to our customers who may not be able to transfer their cart curbside. Additional services include; bulk pickup, yard waste, appliance removal, and mini dumpster for larger bulk pickups.

What if one cart is not enough for my disposal needs?
We offer additional carts for a minimal fee.

Do you pick up bulk items?
Yes, please call our office to schedule a bulk pickup. Rates do apply based on specific items and pickup.

What qualifies as a bulk pickup?
Please call our office for details. Items that cannot be picked up include but are not limited: any hazmat (please see “general” for specific list) or any construction and demolition debris (concrete, lumber, steel).

What can I place in my residential trash container?
Only general household garbage. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Items that qualify as HAZARDOUS include, but are not limited to: solvents, paints, batteries, fuels, flammables, and all chemicals. Additional items not permitted include, yard waste, bulk items, and “white good” or large appliances. Please call our office for a detailed list. We can help!

Construction and demolition debris are prohibited as well. Please call our office to discuss other alternatives to disposing of these materials.

Where and how do I stage bulk pick-up items?
All bulk items should be placed curbside- where you would typically place your waste cart. Please Contact Us for details on what qualifies as bulk pick-up items.

Where does the trash go?
All non-regulated waste will be delivered to your state regulated county landfill, or transfer station. Regulated waste will be disposed of per state regulations. Please note: White goods disposal fees are separate from household and construction/demolition waste. Please call the office at 443-880-0809 for details.

What is the best size dumpster for my business?
We offer various sizes and pickup schedules to assist your businesses needs. contact us or email our sales team at sales@seagulldisposal.com.

Can my dumpster be secured to prevent unnecessary dumping or animal infestation?
Yes, we offer dumpster locks for a minimal fee.

Why was my dumpster not picked up?
Please contact us. In many cases, if your dumpster is blocked by an obstruction or the service area is secured, the driver cannot wait for too long – as it delays the completion of the route. We will make every attempt to contact you before the driver leaves. A minimal fee may apply to schedule an additional pickup.

I have extra trash, can I place it around the dumpster?
No. As a courtesy to our drivers, please ensure that all trash is inside of the dumpster. If necessary, contact us to schedule an additional pickup, or to order a larger dumpster.

What are your additional fees or contract terms?
Seagull Disposal prides itself on helping businesses grow – we understand! You can always increase or decrease your pickup frequency or the size of your dumpster to best suit your needs. Call our sales team to discuss our options and review your current providers cumbersome and costly fees.

Can I request a meeting with a sales representative?
Of course! We pride ourselves on direct and personalized communication so we can best serve your needs. Give us a call, or email our sales team at sales@seagulldisposal.com to schedule a meeting.

How do I know what container is right for my project needs?
No two projects are alike. Therefore, deciding what is the best size can be difficult. Contact Seagull Disposal at 443-880-0809 to discuss your project. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you to determine what is the right size dumpster for your needs.

What does the price include?
The price includes a one-time delivery and pick-up, initial allotted material weight, and one- week rental.

Should I be on site for the delivery?
It is always beneficial to have the customer on site. Should you have special delivery instructions, it is necessary to be on site to coordinate the process. However, in most instances, the driver will make the determination for the container placement-based on security and safety. Please contact the office at 443-880-0809 for details.

How long can I keep the dumpster?
One week is included in the initial cost. Should you need the container for an extended time period-please call 443-880-0809 one day prior to pick-up. Please contact us for rentals extending 30 days or more for a rate quote. Please call us for details.

What can go into the dumpster?
Please refer to the “Roll-Off & Dumpster” page to determine the size and weight limitations of your container. Please note- C&D material is heavier than household waste. Easily exceeding the specified weight limits. Items or materials should stay below the top of the container and should not protrude or flow over the top of the container. The driver has the right to refuse service based on condition or amount of material in the dumpster. This is predicated on safe driving regulations per the Federal Motor Carrier Association and MDOT.

What is NEVER PERMITTED in the dumpster?
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Examples of Hazards: herbicides and pesticides, car batteries, solvents, resin, paints, CFL bulbs, combustibles, flammable items, oils, electronics, white goods (large appliances), asbestos, lead, tires, medical waste, antifreeze, contaminated soils. Please refer to your local and state guidelines for a complete list.

Could I be charged or fined for hazards placed in the containers?
If at the time of pickup the driver discovers Hazmat in the container – Seagull has the right to request item(s) be removed, and an additional fee will be included should we be unable to service due to contamination.

Can I change or cancel the delivery?
Please contact the office at 443-880-0809 to cancel or change an order. All cancellations must be done one business day in advance. Cancellation fees may apply for the cancelation or change of a delivery ticket. Please refer to the service agreement for all applicable fees.

Where is the best place to drop my dumpster?
Typically, containers are dropped in driveways or areas that have a stable and level surface (concrete, asphalt, pavers, stone driveways, and work site areas.) Should you request the container be dropped in your yard-Seagull is not responsible for damages. Please contact us at 443-880-0809 for additional placement options and information.

Where does the trash go?
Depending on the trash, Seagull Disposal will dump all materials in a state regulated landfill, or transfer station. Recycled materials will be delivery to a regulated state or private recycling center. Please note – white goods and electronics disposal fees are separate from household and C&D waste. Please call the office at 443-880-0809 for rates.

What if I need additional dumpsters?
Call Seagull Disposal at 443-880-0809 to schedule for an “empty” or to request additional containers. You will be billed the initial quote each time we “empty” your container-consider it a new rental.

When will the dumpster be picked up?
Please call us for a pick-up at least one business day in advance. Same day pickup is not guaranteed and is based on availability. Same applies for emptying the dumpster.