Garbage Collection

Seagull Disposal offers residential curbside collection in Worcester and Wicomico counties. Our service and competitive prices make us an easy choice. Not to mention we offer curbside bulk and yard waste pick up as well as a valet service. Seagull is a family owned business proud to serve the beautiful counties of the Eastern Shore. As "The People’s Trash Company" we strive to offer the best possible service.


These transparent business practices are at the core of everything we do at Seagull Disposal. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to expand our services to best serve our community.

Weekly Garbage Collection

Our 95 gallon cart can handle all your household waste needs not to mention, it’s easy on the eyes! Should you need additional carts, give us a call a minimal fee applies. Please see our description below for cart specifications. This will help you decide how many carts you may need based on your family’s size.

"The Big Bird" - 95 Gallon Cart

This container is ideal for a family of 3-4. Families larger than four will often require additional carts (provided at a discounted rate) to take care of all their disposal needs.

Garbage Collection Service Reminder

Please have your cart out the night before your scheduled pickup day or no later than 5:00 AM the day of.
Please bag all your garbage. If not bagged, paper and packing materials could blow out when the environmental technician (garbage man) empties your cart.
All your trash should be placed inside your cart insuring the lid will fully close. This will prevent pollution and keep your community clean. If you require additional carts, we provide them for a minimal fee.
Seagull will make every effort to assist our customers stay current with their payments. However, should your account become delinquent, net 30 days, a 10% late charge will be assessed and a "Stop Service" issued. Net 60 days we will be required to retrieve our cart and all related processing and late fees will be applied to your account. Should Seagull be unable to retrieve our cart, a replacement fee of $75 will be assessed. To reactive your account, you must pay all outstanding balances and fees.
Please keep your cart safe from theft or damage. You are responsible for it- should it be lost or damaged a $75 replacement fee will be assessed.
Our environmental technicians (garbage men) are skilled professionals. However, if you reside on a non-county-maintained road, it is imperative you keep the road safe and passable. The driver determines if the service can be performed safely.
The curbside collection service is for household garbage only. Large items such as furniture and household junk that won't fit in your residential cart requires our "bulk pickup" service.
All Hazardous Materials are prohibited per state and county code. Items that qualify as hazmat include, but are not limited to, paints, batteries, and all chemicals. Large appliances are also not permitted as they contain hazardous materials. Please call our office for details- we can help!
Please review our holiday and inclement weather schedule to stay up to date on changes to your service. Click Here
We will only service carts belonging to Seagull Disposal. Unmarked trash bins are prohibited because they lack the necessary attachments to keep our environmental technicians (garbage men) safe.
Ashes are never permitted in trash carts. They will not only cause damage to your cart but could possibly catch the trucks entire load of garbage on fire. Putting not only the equipment in danger, but also our employees. Safety is paramount in everything we do at Seagull Disposal.
We offer a valet service to help individuals who may not be able to transport their cart to and from the curb. Call us or review the valet service page on our site for details!